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Visit the New South Wales Mid-West, enjoy a delicious dinner and visit the "Images of Canowindra" Exhibition at the tasteCanowindra restaurant.

On Saturday evening, April 28th, you are invited to free drinks and nibbles from 7pm till 8pm.  Steve Mullarkey will give a short talk on his photography of Canowindra.  At 8pm Bob Craven and his staff will have a delicious two course dinner for the first eighty of you to make a booking.  To book please call 02 6344 2332 - see the entry here on the tasteCanowindra web-site.

If you are travelling from Sydney or further afield there are several good places to stay.  Three suggestions :

Canowindra #06

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"Images of Canowindra" Exhibition Canowindra #01 Canowindra #28








The Canowindra Exhibition opened successfully at the tasteCanowindra cafe/restaurant on March 24th. A hundred brave souls squeezed in as Bob Craven, the owner/manager of the tasteCanowindra said a few words, followed by Anne Ward a fourth generation member of the Canowindra community who officially opened the exhibition.  Anne's great-grandfather built and operated Finn's Store which figures in several of the images in the exhibition.  I followed Anne with a few words about the photography,  bracketing in camera and images combined and processed on the computer plus a couple of anecdotes about setting up tripod in the middle of the main street, Gaskill Street, at 6am in the morning; the locals must have thought I was mad !

After speeches, we trooped in to a great dinner and superb desserts.  A great time was had by all.

Canowindra #31

The tasteCanowindra  -  Wine - Art - Food

The images in the exhibition, the culmination of 18 months work, can be seen here.  If you are in the area do drop by the tasteCanowindra;  great coffee and an excellent lunch.

The main exhibition has twenty-six A2+ size framed images. There are also ten A4 framed images, around 100 unframed prints and 400 greeting cards.

I completely forgot to ask anybody to take some photos at the opening.  We have a very few poor quality iPhone images and some we took earlier in the day showing the pictures all hung on the walls.  I'm a bit embarrassed to show them but here they are.

Nearly Finished Maragret Craven




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